Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Story Board

Here is my sporty. A fun machine by any standard. This is where it died.

This is the trailer I used to get it home. The efforts I made installing all that E-track really paid off. It was a breeze loading and hauling the bike home.

Here is a rats nest of wires. In this mess is the reason for the failure. I suspect a 26 year old circuit breaker is the culprit.

Oops! Even Busch Light deserves to be treated better than this. No problem. There's a lot more where that one came from!

 The bike isn't fixed yet. I had to pick up some breakers the next day and then I got side buying a new bike.
 Lets see. The Rat Turd needs a fuel tank. The sporty needs this repair. And now my daughter wants to learn to ride. She thinks she's getting the sporty but what she really needs is something lighter to learn on. I've replied to a few craigslist ads but haven't found the right bike for her yet. Let me know if you hear of a cheap 250-400cc starter bike in central Wisconsin.

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