Sunday, May 31, 2015

Street Cannons

 The new ride is great. Too bad it sounds like someone put a gag on it. Not to worry, The Motor Company offers everything a rider could want and then some. I spent some time on you-tube listening to different exhaust systems and narrowed my search down to the Screaming Eagle Street Cannons. They have the sound I wanted and were 20% off when I purchased them with the new bike.

 The stock mufflers look fine but sound wimpy. Time for an upgrade.

After removing the saddlebag it was just a matter of removing two bolts and a clamp.

 Here I have slipped on the new muffler. Yes that's why they call them "slip ons".

  Another way HD has found to empty your pockets is to offer a multitude of end caps. I chose black covers over "revolver" caps. I'll live with them but there may have been a better choice out there.

 Here is a comparison of the stock muffler vs. the Street Cannon.
 I've put 500 miles on them since the install and really enjoy the sound. They are quiet enough when idling or light cruising but when you roll on the throttle they bark pretty good. I can basically control when I want to annoy people. How wonderfully childish! Ya, I'm enjoying the bike.

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