Sunday, May 3, 2015


 First an update on the local High School kids that were building a high mileage car in the shop at work.

 These kids got a first place in their class! Their best mileage was 254mpg!

 Congrats to all the kids that busted ass to get this car built. Raspberries to the slackers that didn't do much. I think I heard they will now take the car to Road America. I'm not sure if that is more competition or just fun time. Then I guess the policy of the school is to salvage individual parts off the car, scrap the frame, and let next years class build something original. Cool.

 I'd also like to congratulate my daughter for her first place at the state solo and ensemble competition. Good job Parker!

 I mentioned last year that my foot pegs kept vibrating off the sportster. I wanted to make some new ones because the little chrome studs that are left aren't enough of a peg to hold my foot up. My boots keep sliding off. Unfortunately my need for pegs was greater than my ability to find the time to make some. Amazon to the rescue. I found some simple knurled one piece pegs that should do the trick.

  I like the pegs but wish I would have made something on my own. Like I said, I've been crazy busy and when I do have a little spare time I would like to spend it riding.



  1. Great Job Kids!!!
    Congratulations Parker!!!
    Ride Safe.

  2. big thumbs up to the high mileage guys! Bigger thumbs up to Parker !