Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Dinner Ride

 Saturday's weather was gorgeous and after work my wife and I wanted to get out on the bike for a ride. We heard good things about Blancks Supper Club on the east side of Lake Winnebago and made that our destination. Before we left the house my wife commented on how she likes the smell of some beard oil I have been using on occasion and why wasn't I using it today. I obliged and lubed up with Duluth Tradings finest. Once we got on the hiway I was having some difficulty with my glasses. I thought they were fogging up but when I touched the outer glass I discovered they were covered in oil. I guess my beard was flying up and slapping the glasses, leaving me with blurred vision. A quick stop at the local pharmacy for some hair scrunchees and a quick braid job by my wife fixed the problem. Not really the look I was ever going for but to be honest what I had going on wasn't that great anyway.

 We continued on traveling mostly back roads and were treated to nice scenery and great weather. New tires on the Ultra really make it handle better. The squared off rear was getting annoying and the renewed feel of the bike make it easier to forget how much money they cost. At the restaurant we enjoyed a good meal and afterward continued around the big lake. Once on the north end we decided to push on a little further and visit my dad.

We were treated to a viewing of his latest carving projects, a few of which have taken blue ribbons and "best of show" at some recent wood carving shows. This bowl is his latest work in progress.

 The ride back home took a little over an hour on the hiway. It was dark when we got back but were still dressed in the mesh jackets we were wearing when we headed out in the afternoon heat. All in all I'd say it was a nice day for a ride.

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