Sunday, May 1, 2016

The mind is a crazy place.

 The human mind is a crazy place to hang out. At least mine is. When I'm in my truck I play the radio. If I don't then my mind wanders. I know I'm not the only one because we have done things like put men on the moon, split atoms or even allow ordinary joes like me to reach out to your cell phone with this drivel I call a blog.
 Anyway, much of the crap I think about is totally a waste of time. That time is gone and I'll never get it back so why am I using it to come up with ideas for shit that don't matter? I think its just a gear head thing but I've never talked to anyone about it before and I certainly am not gonna waste any precious time reading a book on the topic. So, if you happen to be building a carbon fiber airplane fuselage and need ideas on locating passenger seat supports, well then I may be able to help you.       WHY? Why does a sober, non drug induced mind wander so far off track from reality. I don't even like to fly and certainly will never work on a plane. Many times I need to follow these ideas out to conclusion just to get them out of my head. Obviously that's not gonna happen here so I'm stuck with it for a while.
 Now here is the real kick in the ass. I wrote the above paragraphs a few weeks ago when the whole airplane repair mumbo jumbo ran through my head. I managed to forget all about it till today when I was in a rush to get this blog out. I sometimes write these in advance then post them on wednesdays and sundays. Anyway, the corny idea that evaporated from my thoughts is now revisited. Fortunately, today is the Slimey Crud Run and I'll be busy trying to discover new back roads and then checking out others creations that they worked so hard on during the winter months. For some, this is the maiden voyage of the season much like me taking the Rat Turd. Unfortunately I won't be taking that bike as planned because it developed some kind if ignition problem and I just didn't have any time this week to work that out.
 The original plan for today included a bunch of other riders. The group is down to me and one other rider and I still need to hear from him this morning to see if he can go. It seems the forecasted high of 50ish and a slight potential for rain has scared a few guys off. Hey, I believe in "riding your own ride" with no pressure from anyone else. That just creates problems and if a little foul weather is gonna cause vaginal discomfort then by all means, stay home.
 In the past I've pissed a few people off because I don't like to stop just because the weather isn't perfect. If I have the gear on and decent tires then I don't mind riding in heavy rain...until it finds its way to my crotch and creates discomfort.
A couple of bikes that caught my eye at last years Slimey Crud Run.

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