Sunday, May 8, 2016

Friday and Saturday

 What to write about. That's the question for myself this morning. I suppose I'll tell you about my weekend so far.
 Friday afternoon I left work early, came home and packed the bike for an over nighter. Leaving work early was a tough decision because we are so backed up right now but we've had these plans for months and it is our wedding anniversary. Packing was tough because you only have so much room and the weather forecast was up and down for the weekend. We left late afternoon and the temp was 90. Yes, 90. The forecast for the next morning was cool and maybe wet. Packing the right gear for all these situations for two people took up a lot of room but the ultra is a lot of bike.
 We rode down to Germantown to see a Kiss tribute band. Before the performance we met with our middle daughter and her boyfriend for dinner. Mike, Brooke and Terry showed up a bit later to join us. The reason for this adventure was because my wife went to school with the drummer. I met Jay for the first time last year and he's really a great guy and has a wonderful family. Unfortunately he has had some very serious health issues that have kept him away from performing. Well I'm here to tell you that Jay has overcome those issues because he kicked ass Friday night. I have a lot of respect for him and what he has been able to accomplish.

There are a lot of things I could blame the lousy photography on. I'm gonna go with "too much beer".

 Saturday morning was cool and very windy. We bundled up and headed toward Madison. I punched in REI (the sporting goods store) into the gps and took off. Right away we ran into a backup on the road and started a detour. Long story short, gps is great but you need to have some sense of direction or a small clue where you are and want to be. When I saw the exit for Racine, I knew we were being led to a store in Illinois. No problem, we weren't on a schedule.
 When we got to Madison we stopped at the Harley dealer because I was still in search of a battery for a heated vest. No luck on the battery but we did manage to find some head gear for my wife. Later we arrived at my oldest daughter house and enjoyed a cook out. I got some valuable grilling tips from her boy friend and look forward to trying them myself. A good time was had by all.
 I gotta wrap this thing up and take my wife to brunch. The rest of the ride home was pretty normal with flipped over cars, fire trucks, erratic drivers and main street festivals. You know, the usual stuff.



  1. That sounds like a great trip! I live in Madison and know the HD dealer. If you find your way back there, stop at Reverend Jims for some food. It's really good stuff.