Sunday, May 29, 2016

Wet Dinner Ride

 Saturday started out like any other day. Drag my ass out of bed and go to work. I'm not complaining, just stating a fact. After work I discovered my wife went fishing so I decided to join her.

 No this wasn't a big fish. I must have caught a log with my lure and I ended up cutting the line. My wife had better luck and caught two fish. Our collapsible fishing poles that fit in a saddlebag work pretty decent.
 After a hard afternoon of fishing we decided to go for a dinner ride on the Ultra. When we left the house the sun was cooking pretty good but before we reached our destination things started looking gloomy.

 The weather pattern all week has been scattered thunder storms and tonight wouldn't be any different. Somewhere on the other side of those dark clouds was our dinner and I hadn't eaten anything but a muffin at breakfast. It was decided we push forward.
 As it turns out we made the restaurant just minutes before the rain came down and it's a good thing because it came down hard. It rained throughout our meal and we sat at the bar afterward waiting for it to ease up. Not so much for me, I don't mind getting wet especially when I know the next stop is home. The rain gear wasn't in the bike so I wanted to try to sneak around the worst stuff so my wife wouldn't be miserable. That plan failed and we had a 25 mile ride in the wet stuff. At least it wasn't completely dark yet. Wet glasses and night lights just don't go well together.

This is us once we got home. Wet. I think my wife has mixed feelings about riding in the rain.

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