Sunday, July 24, 2016

More Sportster Crap

 I had a few minutes to scab the broken frame ends back onto the sportster. A cheapo welding blanket from Harbor Freight covered the bike nicely while I welded and used the grinder.

 I decided this was the quickest way to get the bike back on the road even though these frame ends may still get cut back off at some point.

 So this is where I'm at now.  I slapped the tool bag on the back because the plate was already bolted to it and the bracket I ordered wasn't here yet.

 Now I can use the bike again. I found out I don't want to ride it on wet roads unless I don't mind the top of my head getting wet. Part of me wants to build a hot looking bar hopper kind of bike but the practical side doesn't want anything to do with that idea. I didn't even have a way to haul lunch on this thing and that's why the butt ugly tank bag is on there.
 Today we ride. Hi temp today should be in the low 90's with a heat index in the hundreds. Hot and sticky with pop up thunder storms to cool us down. The Ultra has some new goodies on it that need to be tested and you'll get a full report next time I post.


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