Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Too Much Wind

 Too much wind? Is that even possible? You're probably thinking the whole point of being on a bike is to get in touch with mother nature. Well I agree that the exposure to the elements is a big part of what I like about motorcycles. The problem is that I'm finicky. I like my wind a certain way. On the sportster, without a windshield, the wind flows right into my face just the way I like it. My beard flows back and doesn't flap in my eyes. Bugs have a direct shot at my face. Rain slamming against sunburnt cheeks stings like someone is hitting me with a sandblaster. Oddly enough I enjoy this as part of the overall experience.
 On the Ultra the wind doesn't have a direct shot at me. The bat wing fairing blocks the wind, or has deflectors that pull it toward my chest. Bugs just splat and never hit my face. The radiator pods redirect the wind around my legs. This is part of the "all day" touring experience and I like this too but there is one other source of wind that finds its way to my head. That rogue air comes from under the fairing and then launches itself over the top of the fuel tank. The only problem with that little dose of mother nature is the fact it raises hell with my vision. Hows that you ask? Well it blows my beard forward and up. The longer the beard, the worse it gets. Add some beard oil for control and I end up with oily glasses. So, to eliminate this...
I've added this...
 What your looking at is the Kuryakyn lower triple tree wind deflector. Ya, crappy pic and I know I should have taken a before pic. I bought this in hopes of some kind of beard control.  Does it work? Well I guess the answer has to be yes. I still get air flow from that area but its stifled a bit. Just enough that I don't have facial hair slapping my sun glasses. As for engine cooling, I don't think it will be an issue with the liquid cooled heads on the "twin cooled" Harley.
 That's it. Now you know why I was so wound up about wind control.


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