Sunday, July 17, 2016

Sportster 10k Update

  I have about ten thousand miles on the sportster frame up big bore build and really haven't had to do much but change the oil, replace the tires and replace a few worn out toggle switches. I had a few minutes yesterday to mess around with it and wanted to give the bike a once over.
 The first thing I noticed was some engine paint wasn't sticking and flaked off. No big deal, it was a fizz can job anyway. I thought the primary chain case oil was low because there was no longer a spot of oil under the bike in the mornings but I think I just had it over full from the start and it was leaking by the clutch cable.
 The next thing I looked at was the chain. The inside of the link plates is wearing on one side and I'm sure this is an alignment issue. I converted a belt drive engine to mate with the rear chain sprocket and I suppose its just not perfect. Then again maybe its just worn. I put 10k on this chain and it had unknown mileage before I got it.

 So the other day I went over a set of rail road tracks that jammed the bike pretty hard. I heard a "POP" and now every time I hit a bump I hear a squeak. I pretty much knew the frame snapped at the sissy bar mount because this has happened before. What I didn't know was that the frame broke on both sides. These breaks are aft of the rear shock mounts but still could create a disaster.
 Having a broken frame really limits the amount of shenanigans I can get into. Whats the point of having a sportster if yer not gonna ride it like you stole it? I talked about this bike going through some changes and it looks like that will have to happen sooner than later.
 The timing on this break down is a little bad. I just ordered some goodies for the Ultra and their install may have it out of commission for a few days. Not that these parts take that long to install, but because I'll probably do it one or two hours at a time in the evenings after work.
 So what will the sportster morph into? Cafe racer? Chopper? Another rat bike? Maybe a quickie hack just to get it back on the road? I'm not sure but I know I want to reuse the eagle.
 Just because I want to reuse it doesn't mean it has to be on this bike. I've had this thought about giving him a lower beak, boxing in the neck area and creating a tail pipe for the Rat Turd. We'll see.

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  1. Oh, hell yeah!... Exaggerate the beak, and box in the neck for a tailpipe. Now, that would be damn cool.