Sunday, April 23, 2017

April Showers Bring May Flowers

 I guess that saying is supposed to mean that a little bullshit now will be rewarded with beautiful things later. Screw that, I want to ride now. Riding in the rain has never been an issue with me unless it means getting wet on the way to work. I'm not interested in standing around in wet pants half of the day. It makes me grumpy(er).
 I shouldn't entirely blame the weather because my leg has been giving me grief and I'm afraid if I instinctively put that foot down to balance the bike, the big cruiser would tip over. That would bring April moisture in the form of big tears from me. Even if my leg was strong, lifting that beast would be difficult.
 I did find some time for a quick ride on the sportster yesterday. Only a few miles but sometimes that's all it takes to ditch that itch that nags a guy to get out and ride. The forecast and my to-do list look promising for another ride today. Before I do that I need to bolt a few things down. It's gone beyond "the nature of the beast" and "a little annoying" to a new level of suck where I can't concentrate on the road. My mind wanders to a place that can't comprehend how two pieces of steel vibrating against each other can produce such a dreadful noise. I'm thinking of encapsulating the entire bike in spray foam insulation.

 If you need to launch your boat in the river these days it really shouldn't be a problem. The water level is up into the road.

 This should be a garbage pic but I only took a few shots and the rest of them were worse. Looking into the bright sun I couldn't even see the phone much less notice the big shadow I was creating. In these days of smart phones, everyone is an amateur photographer. It's easy to separate the hacks like me from folks that understand terms like depth of field, shutter speed and white balance. I didn't even get all the subject matter in the shot. One good thing has come from this pic. I just noticed those turn signals are hideous. I'll change em up after the headlight vibrates off which should be sometime soon.



  1. Are you sure that bike wasn't built in England?

  2. I wish I could blame a limey for this thing falling apart. Now that I really think about it, all the original HD pieces are doing fine. The farther away from the engine we get, the more it shakes pieces apart.