Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Window Shopping

 Easter Sunday I found myself in downtown Milwaukee. My wife, our daughters and a couple of their friends had just finished having brunch and we were waiting for an arcade/bowling alley to open up. Ya, our new Easter tradition includes bowling although I wouldn't be knocking down any pins. I hurt my leg last week and was walking with a cane so I would be limited to pinball, pool and poking at shit with my cane. I didn't like having to use a cane but I could see having some sort of "swiss army cane" or some other Macgyver type of walking assistant if I needed one all the time. Of course it would need bluetooth or wifi and gps tracking for sure. Anyway, on the slow journey down the city sidewalk we passed a barber shop that had a few haircut posters in the window. I wondered if I were forced to get a haircut (like if someone shot me in the foot and then pointed the gun at my nuts and threatened to shoot again) which style I would choose.

 I guess some aren't that bad in a "please ignore the rest of my faults and only concentrate on the hair" sort of way.

The "Executive Contour" (top poster, top left) isn't too bad I guess. It would be easy to deal with until you get on the bike and then it turns into "The Ted" (bottom poster, upper right). That right there is a two for one deal if there ever was one.

 Considering what a barber would have to work with, any of these styles may be too much of a challenge. I don't spend much time looking in the mirror (for obvious reasons) but I just noticed in this pic there seems to be a lot more real estate between my eye brows and my hair line.

 Don't leave any comments about how I never smile. I am smiling in the top pic. I think for now I'll just keep sporting the stocking cap look. My hair is actually pretty long and the cap keeps it in check. What really needs attention is that mess hanging from my chin.



  1. My Winter face got shaved last weekend. Hair may wait a little longer.

  2. Ya, last pic I saw of you was pretty wild.