Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Spray Room Tour

 The idea of a spray booth came a few winters back when I wanted to proceed on a bike build but had no warm place to do any painting. If I take pieces to my place of employment they are subject to dust and curious fingers that seem to need to check if paint is wet or dry. A few weeks back it occurred to me that if I moved a large shelf system out of my little shop that a wall could go up for a painting booth. Very little working space was lost. The shelves were 30 inches deep and the new spray room is 48 inches deep.
 This was a low budget project. I have $38 of my own money invested. Closer to $80 if you count beer expenses. Thanks to Craig and Waylon for the sliding door. A swinging door would have been a disaster in these tight quarters. Thanks to my dad for the air filtration unit, the center piece of the entire project. Thanks to Kenzo for a Menards gift card back at Christmas. Thanks to my wife for being patient. Thanks Al for the ceiling light. I know Tommy gave me some hardware or something but I can't remember what. If you contributed and I didn't mention your name, get over it. I can't be expected to remember every little detail. Left overs from a recent bathroom remodel contributed to the rest of the material list.
 The spray booth isn't complete yet, I suppose like everything else it will be improved upon as needed or when I figure out something is major screwed up. But, it is close enough for a short tour. 



  1. Nice little booth. You've got some great ideas in there to make maximum use of the space, some which I may just steal some day when I replace my temporary plastic sheet enclosure with something more permanent.

  2. Thanks. Help yourself to any ideas you can use. I'm glad to have used that wheel as I already have about a dozen tires to get rid of.

  3. Pretty nice setup. At the beginning of the video I was wondering what the mounted wheel and tire was for. Nice idea...

  4. Thanks. I like to find a use for junk that's just sitting around taking up space.

  5. Well done, man--a great use of the space.

    And "if you contributed and I didn't mention your name, get over it" can only be blamed on "$80 if you count beer expenses"... That stuff has a way of removing and erasing things--inhibitions, important facts, useless knowledge--and always is such a tasty, pleasant, fuzzy way. :D :D :D

  6. Ya, you gotta figure in the beer factor. Thats a given.