Wednesday, April 5, 2017

This Sucks

 A couple hours here and there has allowed me to make a lot of progress on the spray booth. I did get a set of sliding patio doors and I have them installed. I also made a trip to the lumber yard for some screws and 2x4's. I still had some stuff left over from the bathroom remodel this past winter so that saved me a few bucks. The wall is up and the means for securing furnace filters above the door is in place.

 Yesterday I worked on the exhaust fan mount and duct. I wanted to use the Jet air filtration system so I had to get creative with mounting it. This is the hole where my air conditioner was.

 The plan was to set the fan unit on its end, vertically so it would be pulling overspray down. This also shortened the wasted space that would have occurred if I mounted it horizontally.

 Basically I have a six inch duct for the air to escape. A close look at the top of those 2 x 6's and you'll see a groove the fan unit sits in to help seal it.

 Some may scrutinize the work here but because I was trying to use up scraps from our bathroom remodel, I just had to make some stuff work. Besides, I'm ok with it so piss off.

 I ran the fan and it seems smooth and draws nice with no excess laboring. I mean, I just didn't know for sure until I built it. I'll know more once I finish the outer wall and seal things up. I also need to build a turn table, hang some hooks, figure out lighting and move that speaker.
 I need to thank my wife for being a good sport. She had every right to blow a gasket, but remained calm, when I started this project in front of another project we had in mind. Thanks Honey!


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