Sunday, April 30, 2017

Gumpin It

 I started blogging five years ago when a buddy was doing it. I expressed some interest and he encouraged me to start this blog. It started out as a simple report about my motorcycle activities. When that content is thin I write about work related crap. When that is too boring I move on to everyday experiences. Stuff like cheesecake.

 I had to take it home because multiple old fashioneds, prime rib, scallops, spuds and such had already filled me up. Ya my wife and I snuck out for dinner last night. I don't remember if this has ever happened before but we each ordered something different and when it arrived to our table we just switched plates. I'm not high society and I do better with menus that have pictures of the food, although I didn't need a pic of cheesecake to know it would be yummy. Locals will easily recognize the tavern where this pic was taken. Good food for sure. I can remember when I was in high school coming here at lunch time for a sandwich and a beer. Looking to my left or right I would sometimes spot a teacher doing the same thing. Times have changed.

 The blogs I follow are mostly simple like this one. Just people talking about daily shit or their mechanical escapades, no real news and not an endless barrage of ads. I force myself to post twice a week but not to drive ads or gain an audience. I just told myself if I was gonna do this and not quit, these were the rules. Twice a week and no politics or religion. I've read two different blogs this week talking about followers. One claims blogging is up and the other not sure if anyone at all reads it. For me, if nobody reads this I'm ok with it. I sometimes go back and read it myself just to see what I was thinking or up to. If you do get something out of it in the form of knowledge, inspiration or enjoyment, well that's just a bonus!

 You'd never guess I do fertilizing and weed control apps at work by looking at the who's who of weeds in my yard. I leave it that way so I can practice weed identification. Ya that's it. Yesterday I decided I should do my best Forrest Gump impersonation and get on my little rear engine rider and knock down the high stuff. Unfortunately for you I have nothing exciting to say about motorcycles this week.


Sticks, we just griiiiiind em up.



  1. I look forward to reading your blog, for some reason it reminds me of BuRP conversations. Maybe because I can relate to the content or I'm just full of shit.