Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Debris Box Part 2

 I finished up the debris box project and all thats left is to send it out for paint. I thought the project went pretty smooth and there were no hiccups. Also none of the guys in the shop had any smart ass comments about how long it was taking. Even if a project goes fast theres always someone that will tease. One thing that did raise a lot of discussion was how to latch the door. We easily came up with twenty different ways with variations of each suggestion. In the end it was decided to rob a latch off a box truck roll up door and just bolt it on. Simple and done.

 I asked the boss what color it was gonna be painted. "Whatever they have thats cheap", he said. Works for me. When it comes back I'll line the inside front wall with plywood to deflect any stones and such that could ding the sheet metal, otherwise thats a wrap on the debris box project.


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