Sunday, February 12, 2023

Annual State Of The Blog Address

  Every now and then I like to update you on where this blog is going and whats coming up. Right now its not looking good for the Blog. I want to make this post because some blogs I used to follow have just gone away. I have no idea why and I don't want to leave you hangin if I quit posting here. 

 I've been making videos on YouTube and as it turns out I like creating that type of content better than writing these posts. Why? Simple. Time and pressure. I struggled to come up with content for this blog and struggled to meet my scheduling goals. With YouTube I have new content from each day I fix something at work. Right now I have 152 individual repairs to choose from that need editing. I just pic one and go with it. With this blog I would need an idea, pics and then write about it. I guess I enjoy editing more than writing. I also am relieved to not be constantly thinking about what the next blog will be about. It just didn't flow naturally in my daily schedule.

 I've been posting the links of my YouTube videos here mostly just to keep this blog active. I'm thinking I might post here in written form on a more limited basis like maybe once a month. Is it even worth it then? I dunno. Am I just hanging on to this blog like a piece of scrap that seems too good to throw out? Time will tell.



  1. Hey, Scott, Rein here. I think you should abandon blogging. I checked this blog out only because it's mentioned on your YouTube channel and there's really nothing here for me in terms of active learning about small engines (the reason I'm subbed to your YT channel). What you're doing now on YouTube is far more valuable and engaging. The fact that it's much easier and more comfortable for you to produce that way tells you everything. Just my $.02. I'd also suggest changing your YT logo, etc. to eliminate references to this blog so people aren't confused and/or waste time coming here. Laters! :)

  2. Don't think so, With the spotty and slow internet we have here, it's hard, sometimes impossible to follow videos. So of course I'd prefer reading your blog. But to eaches his ownus I always sez. Enjoyed your previous moto/trip blogs a lot.

  3. You are probably correct in that is easier to put a video together than writing blog content. For now, I am going to continue doing both since I am not as active in my blog. Good luck with whatever you decide.

  4. Well no posts for a while now so I guess you made a decision, I'm gonna miss you!

    1. This is the first time I looked at this blog since making this post. Ya I'm probably over it. Does it even pay to make a random post every few months?

  5. I really like the over the bench videos. Great view of the work and your narration is funny and informative. Thank you.