Sunday, October 6, 2013

Slimey Crud Run Fall 2013

 Twice a year I try to attend the Slimey Crud Run. Its a great chance to hang out with other motorcycle enthusiasts and see some nice bikes. There is a limited cruiser crowd here. Its one of the few gatherings where if you see a v-twin its more likely a Ducati, Indian or TL Suzuki rather than a HD.

The thermometer read 42 degrees but it was gonna be sunny so I knew a lot of bikers would show up.

A quick stop for fuel
I had to travel about 90 miles. Using the ferry in Merrimac really doesn't save time, its just a novelty.
The ferry holds 15 cars and takes 7 minutes to cross the wisconsin river. Its the only free ferry in the state.

The ferry is self powered but guided along by cables.

A pretty good turn out.

Flat head v-8 scoot.
The owner said the light was added temporarily but ended up getting painted and left on.

 The rat turd got a lot of attention. When I wasn't drooling on others bikes I was hanging out within earshot of mine. I really enjoyed hearing some of the comments. The best one was something like this: "This bike is proof that the winters are too long in wisconsin." Ain't that the truth.

I used to have one of these. I tried adapting the engine to a snowmobile. The project came to an end when we (me and some buddies) were evicted from our rental (the "animal house"). The owner let the fire department burn it down in a training exercise. The sled was still in the basement.
I had to stop and see what this was. Its a big ball of barbed wire sitting on a post.
Theres a butteryfly stuck in there.
 I had a good time. It was a chance to see some bikes that you don't see all that often. I didn't make it to Leland, the destination much of this group rode to in small packs. Theres a lot of good riding over there and I'm looking forward to next spring. Maybe I'll have something new on the rat turd for the crowd to point and giggle at.


  1. I am enjoying your blog thanks to JBMFT. Nice pictures and writing; I am learning more about Wisconsin.

  2. Thanks, I appreciate that. I'm finding I have a lot to say but putting it in writing is much more difficult than the grunts and gestures I normally use to express myself.

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