Wednesday, May 12, 2021


 Strimmers. A name given to string trimmers to quickly denote them from other forms of trimmers I guess. Kids nowadays can't leave well enough alone and think they need to invent a new word for everything. It doesn't save time saying strimmer if you have to explain what it means. If string trimmer was spoken the first time there wouldn't even be a break in the conversation, and yes I think I'm getting to be an old codger.

 Its trimmer repair season at my bench and we're gonna look at two I worked on this week. The first is a Ryobi that needs some work on the cutting head but look at the way the customer has this thing assembled.

 I spun the front handle around before taking the pic. Either they are running the engine upside down and using their thumb for the throttle or they are trimming the underside of something. Yes the obvious reason is for sidewalk edging but this story wouldn't be nearly as interesting if it made sense and trust me, a lot of what I see makes no sense.

 The next unit is just cool. Ape hangers on a trimmer. Check it out.

 I played around with the feel of this setup and just like motorcycle ape hangers I think its uncomfortable. Having said that, this setup is very close to fitting me and I may modify my own trimmer. The idea of the front handle being higher does allow a person to stand up straight while trimming but in this case its a bit much, at least for me. I wouldn't be surprised if the owner starred in basketball as a youth. 

 Trimmers are an interesting piece of equipment and seem to be the most neglected item I see. If it runs crappy but still turns the head just a little you can still kinda cut grass. You can't do that with a chainsaw. For the most part people just want me to get it running again for as cheap as possible because they hate the task of trimming but there are a few exceptions. I called one customer to give her the bad news that it wasn't cost effective to repair her broke ass trimmer. She talked about it like it was a family member so I brought it back to life (at considerable cost). When she picked it up she was thrilled.

 You just never know and thats why I have to treat each repair item as if it were gold...right up until the point where I get permission to throw it in the recycle dumpster.


Sunday, May 9, 2021

Rat Turd Escapes Living Room

  Just like the title says. 

This is a longer one so I'll shut up.


Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Memory Lane

  I was gonna start this post reminding you of a visit I made to an antique mall but then I remembered that I never told you about that visit. That makes it really hard for you to remember anything because that visit is on a video memory card and you never saw it. So, let me start out like this: Hey, the other day the sun was shining so hard that I felt a need to go for a bike ride. Its like my civic duty to perform this task on this type of day. Anyhow, I decided to ride to an antique mall a few towns to the west. Sounds boring but this mall was actually the same location where my wife had picked up an old ratchet for me and I wanted to see if they had any other tools. I was also lookin for an owl fairy lamp but thats a whole nudder story.

 I did find some tools but thats not what this post is about. Its about things like this:

 Its an old wooden toy model stagecoach. Its not a particularly good example but it caught my eye because I made one as a kid. I think my grandparents gave it to me but that really doesn't matter. Just seeing it made me think of them and it brought back fond memories. Antique malls do that for me. I like wandering around and seeing all the old stuff from my youth. Technology has changed things and kids really have it easy these days. I'm not saying thats a good thing, in fact quite the opposite but that may be a post for another day.

 These "glass" grapes also brought back memories. This time of my mom. She was very much into crafting and I remember her making these things. She had some special resin and used it to mold a lot of different stuff. I suppose I drifted deep down memory lane because I never noticed the store employee walk up until she spoke, "Is everything alright"?

Yes ma'am, everything is just fine.


Sunday, May 2, 2021

A Look At Endoscopes

 You may be familiar with endoscope cameras and some of you have probably done some weird sctuff with them but for me they are another tool that helps me do my job better.

Check it out:


Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Are They Bugging You?

  This post isn't about customers that are bugging me. On the contrary, I know customers with their broke ass equipment are what help put food on my table. The ones being bugged are the customers themselves and the ones doing the bugging are actual bugs!

 If you've worked with 2 cycle equipment then you may be in tune with the sound an engine that has a plugged spark arrestor makes when its being pulled over. Not running, just during the time the cord is being pulled. What I really mean is the sound its not making. A plugged spark arrestor screen can prevent an engine from starting and makes the engine sound very muffled when pulling it over. I had one of these repairs the other day and this is what the exhaust looked like:

 That area right in the middle of the screen is where the exhaust is supposed to exit but its jammed with mud. The unit didn't just fall down and get mud packed in there.

You can see something was dwelling in there.

 The spark arrestor screen kept them from going any deeper into the engine and turning the whole thing into an insect super condo. A few minutes of cleaning and the machine was running good again. 

 I like puzzles and repairing these machines is like figuring out puzzles all day long. Theres always a reason, and usually a simple one, for the complaint the customer is having. Look over the entire machine and when you find something wrong then determine if its the cause or the result of a problem. Too many guys don't look at the whole picture and then they struggle. Don't be a struggler.


Sunday, April 25, 2021

Sporty First Ride

  A look at first ride this season and grooming habits of my Sportster.

Check it out:



Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Sales Logic

  I was thumbing through a major aftermarket parts suppliers catalog yesterday and noticed it was full of handy tips. OK most of them weren't handy to a guy that already deals with this stuff everyday but whatever. I read a few of them and this one stuck out because I can't wrap my brain around the logic. Now I may be making a fool of myself here by posting this when the answer is obvious to others but I'm gonna just go ahead and take that chance. Here is the tip from a page in the catalog. I added the emoji.

 How can ending the service life of a part increase its life? Sure it will last forever if you don't use it but thats not what we're talking about here. If I leave the old sprocket on when I replace the bar and chain won't that increase its life? If I replaced it I would have ended its life. Yes it is good practice to replace these parts together but doing so only increases the new chains life. The sprocket is just gonna continue to wear till its shot. Am I overlooking something? This was the second dumbest thing I heard yesterday. The first was from a customer looking at new chainsaws. They stated that they never let anyone use their equipment because they like to control the abuse, maintenance and fuel that goes into it. Wonderful. In the next breath they asked about the cost of a second chain in case someone hit a rock or something. If they are the only user then I guess we know who "someone" is.


Sunday, April 18, 2021

Old Mac Toolbox

 Todays video talks about an old toolbox I'll be getting back into working shape. We also take a look at an old Williams ratchet that my wife picked up for me and a roll of steampunk pinstriping.

Check it out:


Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Speed Bar

  Speed bar is a pretty general term that I suppose could conjure up different images if you don't actually know what a speed bar is. If I say speeder drive handle instead then some may catch on to what I'm referring. Still in the dark? A speed bar is a socket drive tool designed for high speed, low torque operations. Its shaped like a crank and requires two hands to operate. They work fine but in these days of battery powered tools I doubt you'll see many techs actually using one. 

 I recently rediscovered the speed bar while installing my automower this spring. Those long course plastic screws hold the charging pad down to the ground and it turns out a speed bar is the perfect tool for the job. A power tool can easily "strip" the screw in the soil and prevent the screw from holding. The speed bar is as sensitive as your touch and you'd have to purposely overtighten to run into problems. A power tool needs a battery and of course is expensive to leave dedicated to an install kit that doesn't get used every day. Speed bars are like unwanted step children and can be found most anywhere neglected tools gather, and they don't need a battery.

  So there you go. I'm happy to get a speed bar out of my tool box where it was just taking up space and keep it in my mobile automower kit where it will actually be used. Take a look in your tool box at those unused tools. You just might find a new purpose for some of them.


Sunday, April 11, 2021

Grandpas Blade Balancer

  Todays video takes a look at an old lawn mower blade balancer that my grandfather had. Ya know, I like to update these reviews every 50 years or so and this one is overdue. I didn't have a camera the first time I saw this tool but it and its owner did leave a lasting impression on me.


Wednesday, April 7, 2021

I've Been Egged

  A long time ago my wifes sister Brooke decided she was gonna hide a bunch of Easter eggs in my shop. I was still finding eggs three years later and because of the amount of cleaning and reorganizing I've done here I'm sure I eventually found all of them. This year she did it again but this time she told me that she hid 19 eggs. These are plastic eggs with candy or surprises hidden inside. Thanks Brooke! One of them contained a tasty little treat and after eating it I decided I wanted more. I did find more eggs and some of them had those same candies in them. Yum. Not sure what they are called but they appear in the blue and pink eggs in this pic.

 I'm up to 16 eggs. There are three more hidden in my shop and theres a chance they contain that magic treat. I can't waste time typing, I need to find those eggs!


Sunday, April 4, 2021

My Most Used Tools

  No not the ones that are beat up the most. Todays video is about my most commonly used tools for chainsaw repair.


Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Icy Bud

 An ice cold Bud. That must be what I was thinking of at work yesterday when I emailed a customer. Let me back up a bit. The other day we looked at a property for an Automower install. The customer is very interested and said he wants to move forward but needed the quote firmed up and put in writing. No problem, I handed him my clipboard and he wrote down his email addy. My bad for not looking at it when he handed it back to me. 

 The next day I wrote up the quote and opened my email account to send it. The address was joe schmoe or whoever @  icbud? Icy Bud? Is this a gag? Was he not really interested and just gave me a bogus email to throw me off? I tried sending the quote to his Icy Bud account but it got returned. Eventually I called and left a message that I was getting his addy wrong and could he please call back to straighten me out. When he called I was with another customer so a coworker took down the new address. When she handed me the piece of paper with the correct address on it I just started laughing. It was joe schmoe or whoever @ If you just bump that L a little to the right till it hits the O then it sure looks like a b.



The guy is a doctor and you know what they say about doctors handwriting but I should have known a doctors email wasn't Icy Bud.

 In other Automower news, yesterday we did our first install of the year. The family named the unit "Jarvis" and bought a dog house for him to charge in. The dog house was a bit of a challenge but only because of the limited space to work in. While there is no grass long enough to cut yet, Jarvis did move successfully around the yard and obey all the commands the owner sent him. We don't usually have to make a return visit to fix anything and I don't see why this install should be any different. I'm looking forward to the two more installs we have scheduled and hope this year isn't a bust for Automower sales like last year was. 


Sunday, March 28, 2021

Garage Floor Paint Update

  If you followed along last summer then you know I gave my garage a makeover. This included painting the floor and todays video post is an update on just how well that paint is holding up to Wisconsin winter salt and grit.


Wednesday, March 24, 2021

1-800-Fix It For Free

  People are weird.  Why do I get so many people calling my place of employment asking for me to diagnose their problems over the phone? They have to know we repair equipment or they wouldn't be calling for advice. Do they not realize that our employer is paying us to be there? We aren't a government agency funded by taxpayers or a charitable organization. Somehow we need to bring in some coin and free phone tips ain't the way. Some people even have the balls to show up in person, sneak in the back door of the shop and ask for advice. WTF? I don't care if you bought the equipment from us because we don't make squat on most sales. Its the service after the sale that makes money and some people think that should be free. I'm not talking about walking someone through regular maintenance procedures, I'm talking about the guy with an out of warranty machine that he can't get started and has begun tearing into it.

 My goal has been to offer so many possibilities and specialized procedures that they have to bring it in. Does that make me a dick? No, I don't think so. My reasoning is that a simple fix of the symptom isn't always the cure of the real problem. For example a carb adjustment may hide the fact that a chainsaw has an air leak. That air leak will eventually, or may have already, lead to a scored cylinder. When it pukes I'll be the asshole, I'm sure of it.

 Another reason is terminology. If they knew everything I was talking about they wouldn't need me. "It doesn't turn over" so I ask if it does anything at all like click when you turn the key. "Turning the key spins the motor but it doesn't crank".  Really I mean we don't have time for this crap. Turn over and crank both are referring to the motor spinning when the starter is engaged. What they meant was it won't start or run. I've seen this many times.

 Heres my favorite. I ask when was the last time it ran and did it run well? They reply, "last fall but I put fresh gas in it". I ask what they did with the old gas? This is a trick question to get them to admit it still had gas in it. "I dumped it into blank". So it sat all winter with old fuel in it? "Ya but I put fresh gas in it". It doesn't work that way and when you say fresh gas do you mean gas still in a can from last year? I know not everyone is tech savvy but don't try to outwit me with your fresh gas bullshit. Justifying your actions that produced zero results is pointless.

 How about this guy. I've told this story before. This guy has the balls to call and ask what spark plug his hedge trimmer needs. Hes standing in a parts store prepared to buy the spark plug from them but wasting my time trying to figure out what he needs. I'm not a total dick so I told him I would need the make and model but all he could offer me was the brand but they're all the same anyway. I had the chart for that brand handy and told him there were five choices. He asked for another coworker by name because he was the smartest one in the shop.

 I hung up on him. He showed up at the shop later claiming I was rude. How did he not see how wrong his request was? I even tried to help his sorry ass. People are weird.


Sunday, March 21, 2021

Herbrand Tubing Wrenches

 Like the title says, a look at some old Herbrand wrenches.


Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Younguns and Customer Service

  Its fun to joke about young workers trying to make change without the aid of a computer. It seems that task sends many of them into a tail spin. Fine, you're not good at math but there are other common sense situations that todays youth fail miserably at. I was unfortunate enough to be the victim of two of these unskilled laborers over the weekend.

 Rocket scientist #1 is working the pass window at a major fast food chain. I had ordered and paid for a meal with a coke. At the window she offered me a diet coke. I told her that I ordered a regular coke at which time she argued with me and told me I ordered a diet. I'm not saying I don't make mistakes and there was another intervention when I placed the order so it is possible that the order was screwed up. Whats not possible is that I wanted a diet coke. I mean she could hear the words coming out of my mouth well enough to argue with me. I finally showed her the receipt and I got one of those big sighs and eye rolls that says "fine, I see you're right but you're a dick for making me give you what you actually ordered". I was asked to pull ahead. Really? She was leaning against the soda dispenser but I had to pull ahead and wait? I really am trying to be less of a dick so I pulled ahead and ate almost half my meal before they brought me that drink. If it was tampered with it didn't make me sick or at least no sicker than their untampered with food.

 Rocket scientist #2 is working the big box store lumberyard. I was looking at the ceiling tile display and couldn't tell if the product hanging way up on the wall was a hard pressed board or fiberglass backed panel. When I asked for help the gal started out friendly enough. That would soon change. She pulled out her handheld computer and started punching in numbers but the answer to my question wasn't coming up. Eventually she just pointed at a box and said "there they are". Yes, there they are but are they a solid panel or a faced fiberglass product? Another sigh and she tore back the plastic and exposed the top panel to reveal the answer to my question. 

Great thats what I wanted to know. How much are they?

 "$6.97 each".

How many are in a case?

"32 for $111"

Does that sound right to you?

"It says right here, 32"

Yes I believe thats what it says. I'm asking if you think thats right. We can see that there is one panel per layer and that panel is just under an inch think. The box is just over a foot high. Do you think there are 32 panels in there? In a huff she violently tore open the carboard box as if to make the big reveal where I would be made to look stupid. I watched as she counted the panels and as she got closer to the end of the stack her facial expression started changing until she eventually looked like she just witnessed a Penn & Teller magic act.

 Its not my place to lecture her about using common sense so I just said "Its a good thing we checked. This project would have cost me twice as much if we didn't use common sense and check the accuracy of the label. Thanks for your help". 

 She gave me that "what-everrrr" look.

 Later she went out of her way to "get back" at the customer that bothered her by yelling at me for resting my foot on the lowest step of a nearby ladder. 

"Get off that ladder! We don't allow customers on ladders!

She was technically right. I had a foot on one of those rolling platform ladders. Not to climb it but that doesn't really matter. Her point was to be right after I was so mean to her for using common sense. I guess she felt she had won against some old man but in fact she lost. What these kids don't understand is that when a company doesn't make sales due to crappy customer service, the company will eventually not be offering jobs. 

I know not all young people have poor work ethics. The cream rises to the surface but these two crumbs are bottom feeders and will eventually be poured down the drain if they don't figure it out soon.


Sunday, March 14, 2021

Toolbox Monitor Update

  Yep, just like the title update of part of my custom toolbox.

Check it out:


Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Workin For Tips

  So the other day I was asked to drop everything and work on a piece of equipment for a customer. Thats fine, I mean we're not swamped this time of year and helping customers is what we do. From what I was told I had a pretty good idea what needed to be done and how long it would take. I told the customer I needed fifteen minutes and he said that would be fine and he would run down town and grab some lunch. When he got back I was outside testing the machine and he walked up, saw it was running properly and thanked me. Then he gave me a tip. This is what he gave me.

  It doesn't matter what he gave me because the point is that he appreciated me helping him out. On the other end of the scale are two different customers from last week. Both of them came storming in bitching about how this is the third time they have been back for the same problem. Last Saturday I was at the shop on my own time working on my toolbox. The boss carries back a saw and tells me the customer is complaining the saw is back a third time for the same problem. "Oh really? I call bullshit. Did you pull the work order history to confirm this?" I told him anytime a customer storms in making wild claims about my work it always turns out they are full of shit. About ten minutes later he came back and said I was right. The previous visits had nothing to do with the current problem. In fact the first time we fixed the saw was after another dealer had it for a month and couldn't figure out the problem. The other situation was similar where the previous visits had nothing to do with the current situation. I mean do you blame the auto repair shop because a headlight burnt out just days after an oil change?

 Anyway, I never had anyone give me a fishing lure as a tip before. He didn't owe me anything and I don't work for tips so its all good. I suspect he got it for nothing and didn't want it so passed it along. Maybe the next time I hear a good fish story I'll pass it on as well.


Sunday, March 7, 2021

Old School Craftsman Wrenches

  This week I decided to take a look at an old set of Craftsman wrenches that I bought back in the 90's. They don't look old because they don't get used a lot.

Watch the video to find out why:


Wednesday, March 3, 2021


  My brother sent me this pic of him and I from a couple years ago and I thought it was pretty cool. Cool enough to stand alone as this weeks post.


Sunday, February 28, 2021

Bauer 20 Volt Heat Gun Review

  A coworker purchased a Bauer battery powered heat gun to assist him with shrinking heat shrink tubing while doing snow plow installs and repair. Of course it has many other uses but I suspect working on wiring harnesses is where this tool will be used most. If you're not familiar then heat shrink tubing is used to protect wiring repairs and connections.

Check it out:


Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Not A Cowasaki

   Last week I told you about how my wonderful wife bought me a new computer. I'm happy to say that its performing up to my expectations and video editing is actually an enjoyable experience now. When I started this post I thought I'd snap a pic of the puter setup on my desk. It has a few led lights which I didn't think I wanted but now I feel their subtle glow and movement gives the beast some life. Nothing fancy, just a few lights that rank it somewhere between the Space Odyssy monolith and Pink Floyds "dark side of the moon" album cover. Unfortunately my desk is a mess and getting a decent pic really is out of the question. "Why not take this opportunity to clean your desk", you ask? Cuz its a drag and I don't feel like it right now. What could possibly be covering my desk? Heres a partial inventory:

Two Gatoraids, three beers and a redbull. All empty except one brewski. A full bag of Jalapeno & Cheese chips and an empty bag of Cheese & Jalapeno. Different brands just inverted names. Both yummy. Approximately 1400 feet of wire, cable and power cords that need to be better routed. Seven pair of glasses. Various Ubuntu operating system discs. Some important looking mail. A Cologaurd collection kit. Maybe I can do a video of me creating the sample for that kit. Various tools. Five dew rags. And finally my Star Trek science officer badge. 

 I'm kinda in an organizing phase here at my desk. Lots of things to sort out with the change from a laptop to desktop. Don't want to jump head first into it so I'll clean the desk later.


Sunday, February 21, 2021

Chasing Smurfs

  I know chasing smurfs seems like a strange name for a snow plow video and it is. 

I guess you'll just have to watch the video:


Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Whats In The Box?

  A better title for this post might be "My wife is awesome!" Yep, I've got a birthday coming up and she knew I was struggling with my computer to edit videos. Basically she sent me out of the house last night to investigate a computer purchase and I went to a small independent shop I had heard of. They had what I wanted and it fit into the generous budget she offered. Thanks Honey!


 Not a very flattering pic but thats all you get till I have it set up. It got late and setup won't happen till after work today so deal with it. Imagine a black box with a clear side cover and a few LEDs. Yep,  they all look pretty much the same.

 For you nerdy types I'll provide some specs. It has a Ryzen 5 3600 6 core, 12 thread cpu sitting in a MSI B550 Pro wifi motherboard. The graphics card isn't over the top but will work great for what I want to do. Its a MSI Radeon RX 5500 XT Mech 4gb. Two 8 gig sticks of DDR4 3600MHz Ram fill two of the four slots so upgrading would be very easy. The hard drive is a Western Digital 500 GB NVMe solid state drive and there is a second 2 TB hard drive that I'll use for video storage.

 If all that sounded like gibberish thats fine. I'll break it down for you. You know when you watch a video and the frames freeze momentarily or you get the spinny wheel of death? Well when you have those issues constantly during editing it makes video editing very difficult if not impossible. On my old laptop that happens a lot. This computer should be just the right combination of parts to avoid those annoyances. I'll let you know next week if thats the case. Thanks again Honey!


Sunday, February 14, 2021

Eifel Geared Plierench

   While digging through my toolbox the other day I discovered an old tool hiding in the ranks among the pliers.

The video says it all:


Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Carbs 'n Gaskets 'n Stuff

  Carbs on small engines seem to be a mystery to some people, sometimes even mechanics that work in other fields. There really is no mystery to them but when you look at a young tech in the auto industry, it turns out many of them have never worked on carbs. I mean everything these days is fuel injected so why would they? Sure a lot of guys will work on anything but even then the small two-cycle carb seems to be a mystery.

 If you have taken apart a carb from a chainsaw, weed wacker or in this case an ice drill then you know that there are gaskets in there. Where they go isn't an issue but in what order seems to pose a problem and I'm gonna try to clear that up.

 In the above pic you see an example of a typical two cycle carb. In the center of the carb facing up is a small arm called the metering lever. This controls the opening and closing of the needle valve that allows fuel to enter the metering chamber. The height of that lever is important but we're not talking about that today. Laying on top of the carb is a gasket and in my hand is another called a metering diaphragm. The metering diaphragm moves up and down and pushes on the metering lever but we're not talking about that today. The point here is that the order shown is how 99% of small engine carbs are assembled. Gasket, metering diaphragm then a plate like the one in the top right corner of the pic.

 In the above pic you see the gasket sitting on top of the carb. Think of that round area as a carb bowl and the gasket depth increases the volume of that bowl. This may help remind you of the assembly order. I dunno, works for me.

 On the other side of the carb is an odd shaped gasket and a thin flexible gasket. The thin flexible one always goes against the carb. You don't need a pic if you've ever done one but a lot of guys do get it wrong. The thin flexible gasket acts as a valve over some holes in the carb. Remember that it could never seal those holes as a valve if it had a spacer (the gasket) between them. 

 So what is the exception? I'm not sure of all of them but I know one for sure is on certain Tecumseh engines. This is a carb from an older Jiffy ice auger. It seems a lot of ice fishermen are ambitious folks and try to repair these carbs themselves. We sell a lot of rebuild kits. The problem is that even if a guy has experience rebuilding carbs, this one is different.

 On these Tecumseh carbs, some of them are assemble bass-ackwards. If you take a close look in the area I circled...

...and you see the letter F then you know this is one such beast. The correct assembly order of the gasket and diaphragm is as follows:

 You can try and do it the other way but then you just get frustrated and bring it in to me for repair. When I see one of these come in and the work order says the customer just rebuilt the carb but it still doesn't run right I always know the first place to look...and now you do too! So go now and walk in confidence with your head held high armed with the secret of the type F Tecumseh carb.


Sunday, February 7, 2021

Put A Hole In It!

 While digging through my toolbox the other day I came across an old tool that deserves to be talked about. My brother gave it to me years back because he didn't think he had a use for it (and because he is a great guy). I find that it only gets used once in a while but is a very useful tool when needed. 

 Here is a blogger bonus bullet point. If this tool is something you might be interested in then you should know that it comes with an adjustable depth gauge. It allows consistent depth spacing of holes like if you wanted to run a series of holes along a piece of sheet metal and have it look pretty. 

 The video starts out slow as all of mine do but I promise there is a pinch of spice in here and the whole video represents a direction I'd like all my videos to go. Who am I kidding? Most of my vids are a yawn fest.

Check it out:


Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Why Did I Do This?

  I usually show you stuff I've done and explain how or why I did it. Not this time. We're looking at a chainsaw flywheel with an ear wax problem, or so it would seem. Whats really going on here?

 We'll take a little closer look:

You tell me. Whats going on here? Guess it right and you get the same thing you'd get if you didn't guess at all...bupkis.

Oh, Happy Birthday Honey!


Sunday, January 31, 2021

Even More LED Lighting!

  Yes this is a different post than the one from two weeks ago. I'm already wondering what I might name another LED toolbox lighting post. Still even more led lighting? More lighting with sprinkles? Anyway, this time I continue the second strip of lights into the triple rack. The results are not what I expected.


Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Curly Fries er No?

  A Wednesday video? Don't sweat it, I'm not ready to make two videos a week on a regular least not yet. I just wanted to practice some more video editing and as this video will prove I need the practice.



Sunday, January 24, 2021

More LED Lighting

  Todays video is about adding more led lighting to my big ass tool box.

 I'm undecided on how I like the results. You be the judge:


Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Cat, Truck, Beer and Destruction

  Heres a pic of our cat that thinks its a bunny rabbit.

And here is a pic of a truck. Its broken.

Drinking beer from a straw is still probably a better choice than drinking all of that cup of soda.

 This poor chainsaw was destroyed when a bearing cage broke. The pieces bounced around in the engine causing all kinds of damage. For those that don't know, that piston isn't supposed to have that groove in it on the right side or those gouges on the left. Husky replaced this saw for the customer with their latest and greatest autotune version of the saw. Not sure why they gave the guy an upgrade but  who am I to question?


Sunday, January 17, 2021

Yukon Bed Slide Part 3

  If you've been following the bed slide project then you may remember I promised to spice things up a bit for this video. Well if "spice" means me acting like a dork then thats exactly what you'll get. 

 Heres the deal. I downloaded a copy of Shotcut video editor and started playing around with it. The first thing I noticed was all the features I was missing out on by using the stock editor that came with windows. The second thing I noticed is that video editors require a lot from your computer. Theres nothing wrong with my laptop. It happily churns along on the internet, stores pics and edits video in the most basic way but when challenged to edit complex video it lags. When I say lag I mean an hour and 15 minutes to process this 16 minute video. Previews during editing are choppy and freeze and audio is wonky too. This all goes away after processing but getting there is a pain.

 I don't want to buy a new puter but I'm willing to upgrade this one. Maxing out the ram seemed like a good place to start but as it turns out I ordered the wrong memory. This laptop uses an odd memory module and in the end I decided to upgrade my other laptop which is what I should have done from the beginning. Not sure when that order will arrive.

 I want to step up my game as far as the videos are concerned. The content and subject matter will always suck, theres no getting around that, but I want the editing to be better. You'll have to be patient with me while I learn how to incorporate all these new features into my videos.