Sunday, June 12, 2016

HD For Sale

 No, not one of mine. Maybe you remember back in February when I posted that a friend had a bike for sale. When my wife told me the other day that the bike was still for sale and actually still sitting on a bike jack, I volunteered to help her get the bike ready for sale.
 Yesterday after work we hopped on the Ultra and rode about an hour and a half north. Temps were in the 90's and we had a nice back road ride to Chris's house. Upon arrival I wasted no time getting the 2004 Road Glide ready. We lowered the bike off the jack, aired up the tires, checked the oil, hooked up the battery and made a few other checks. The bike fired right up and didn't miss a beat. I checked the brakes and took it for a ride. The first thing I noticed was how wonderful the low speed handling was. Much better than my Ultra. Another thing I noticed was how much lower the seat was than my bike. I felt very confident riding it and in fact there was a long discussion afterward about selling my bike and buying this one.
 The bike runs good, handles well and is in good shape. These pics were taken before any cleaning was done to the bike after winter storage. Let me know if you want more info on this fine machine.


  1. That looks really nice. Not in the market for another bike. You are a great friend to get the bike ready for them!

  2. I just hope she can get it sold and move on with her life.

  3. Cool looking bike, thanks for the post.

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