Sunday, January 12, 2014

Workshop Wednesday-Kubota Tractor

 We did another plow install on a utility tractor. This Kubota is getting a Blizzard Power Plow. It is eight feet wide but has power wings that extend to ten feet or continue to extend till it becomes a scoop blade. Each wing can be controlled independently for a variety of plow configurations.

 This mount was designed with the same overkill I use in most projects. The large plate and angular supports are 3/4" thick steel plate.

Shown here is the front mount and a support arm running back to a mid tractor support. We've tested this mount and it doesn't move. It doesn't even flex.

With fluid filled tires, a 200 lb weight bolted to each rear tire rim, and a snowblower on the back, this little 4wd tractor pushes pretty good.

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