Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Primer, Paint and Pigs

 Last weekend was unusually warm for this time of year which plays perfectly into my procrastinating hand. I don't have a clean warm place to paint during the winter months and I had a few projects that needed to be done before it gets frosty outside.
 One of those projects is my '67 BSA. I don't have a solid plan for this bike yet but I can't do anything if the frame isn't ready. A few weeks ago I fizz bombed the frame and Sunday I clear coated it. If I end up modifying the frame then I'll just have to redo it. After 35 years of ownership I don't think one more tear down is gonna make a difference.

 In my garage there were two large boxes taking up a lot of valuable real estate. Each of those boxes contained a front fender for my rusty pickemup truck. I needed to get some undercoating, primer, color and clear on them while the weather still allowed. Now I know this is kinda like putting lipstick on a pig but winter is coming and I'm pretty sure, if left in this condition, the weight of slush and ice would pull the inner fender down on the tires. A new fender will put things back the way they should be and hopefully prevent any frustration during the wintery months.

 I know it won't be a "perfect match" like the can claims. I'm not too worried about that. When I roll into the parking lot at work I'm surrounded by some nice newer trucks. Hopefully my efforts here will help prevent any parts from falling off my beast and scratching one of their beauties. Sure a new truck would be nice but I guess my priorities are just somewhere else. I mean none of those guys are riding a new Harley Ultra Limited and maybe don't care to.
 The old Dodge has some rocker panel issues too. I might buy some weld in replacements and try my hand at making that happen. I've also got this idea about making my own rocker panel/step combo. We'll see.
 This would be a good place to add a witty comment and wrap this thing up but I got nothin. Later.

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  1. good move paintin da bote o dem tings.!