Wednesday, December 21, 2016

New Specs

 Spectacles that is. Every couple of years our insurance company kicks in some money for glasses so I take advantage of that.  That and the fact I thought things were getting fuzzy again made me set up an appointment for a checkup. Turns out my eyes really haven't changed much from the last checkup. That's good. I decided this time I wanted some shatter proof glasses for working in the shop. Nothin fancy, just something practical to get the job done. Besides, with killer looks like this it doesn't really matter what you hang on the face. Not. More like, good looking glasses can't help fugly.

 With motorcycle activity near zilch I need to find something else to talk about. Because my memory sucks I write things down (in my phone). Observations, interesting quotes or whatever. When I wrote these down I swear they seemed like winners but now weeks or months later most of them are kinda lame. Here are a few.
 "The pancakes are just the carrier for the syrup." Anyone with a sweet tooth knows what I'm talking about. Try the butter pecan syrup at IHOP and you'll know what I mean.

 "How does the inside of the parts washer get so dirty?" It should be the cleanest piece of equipment in the shop but it always looks like ass.

 "Ten rolls of electrical tape lasts about as long as a single roll." If you know you have only one roll of tape then you spend time looking for it when needed. If you can't find it right away but know where there are nine more then you'll just grab one of them new rolls. Somewhere in my shop are ten  partially used rolls of tape.

 "Microwave or pan fried bacon?" It's like picking which one of your kids you like best. Come on, it's bacon. The cat could rub his nuts on it and I'd still eat it.

 I told the boss about a work related idea that came to me in a dream. He stated "So you're workin overtime? I ain't payin for that shit." We had a good laugh.



  1. 1) That last one is great!
    2) Have you tried bacon cooked in a conventional oven--it's fantastic.
    3) And "things were getting fuzzy", but your "eyes really haven't changed much": Did you ever bother to clean the lenses on your old glasses?... :D

  2. I don't specifically remember having oven cooked bacon. I'll have to try it. As for cleaning lenses, it's amazing how long I'll squint before I realize those glasses are smudged.
    Here's one I heard this fall. Do I have to use Stabil to winterize my propane powered lawn mower? The guys in the shop got a lot of mileage out of that one!