Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Photo Dump

  Nothing interesting to report so today I'll do another photo dump from my phone. Why I save some of these pics is beyond me.

 This first pic is of an Oreo cookie. I'm sure these are assembled by a machine but what kind of flipping and flopping around of these cookie halves is going on over there? I pay a premium price for a supposedly premium cookie and expect them assembled correctly despite the fact that they taste just the same no matter how assembled. I'm sure theres an inspector that ensures each creamy filling has two halves no matter how they are oriented. Send it! They'll eat it...and I did.

 The next pic is proof that you should always expect the unexpected. I mean really, who would think you could break a half inch drill bit with a battery powered drill. This broke purely with Chubby Checker twist action. None of that Elvis hip shakin led to this failure.

 As a dealer mechanic I see a lot of warranty claims and also a lot of claims that have nothing to do with warranty. What I mean is that we often get a customer that brings their broke ass equipment in along with their proof of purchase expecting a free repair. A lot times its easy to show the customer what they did wrong. When called out on it they always say that they lent it to a neighbor and this is how they got it back. I give them a bill, they bitch, I tell them to get their neighbor to pony up some cash. 

 I want to take a moment to say that there are still some good people in the world. Every so often a "neighbor" will bring in a piece of equipment he borrowed and screwed up. Usually these people just want to make it right no matter the cost and I do what I can to keep those costs down. 

Handheld blower with nylon stocking wrapped
 around crankshaft end. Not a warranty claim.

 The next shot is also from a handheld blower I believe. Its for reference only. Look close at the black plastic crankcase cover.

 Heres a closer look. It took me a few minutes to realize what had happened here. There is a hole worn completely through that cover. How could the crank travel that far over to hit the cover? Well it can't but if the press fit crank pin is no longer a press fit then it could slide over and cut through that cover. You can see the rod bearing through the hole that was created. This repair was a warranty claim.

 Concrete saws and chainsaws work in dirty environments. If you neglect air filter maintenance then you can expect to trash the equipment. This $1200 saw is a parts donor now because someone assembled the air filter on wrong.

 Last time I sealed my driveway I used a squeegee to spread the sealer and used four five gallon buckets. This year I planned on using a brush so I bought and extra bucket. I should have bought two extra buckets. Missed it by Thaaaat much.

 As I write this I'm sitting in my recliner wearing headphones and listening to my favorite jams while tipping back a cool one. My decision to do a weekly video is a whole lot more work. Coming up with an idea, setting up the shot, lighting, audio, not sounding like a total dork, editing and posting all add up to a lot of time invested. This was a pic I snapped during the last video. When I was done shooting I had to clean it all up and pull the car back into the garage. Is it worth it? I don't get paid for youtube videos so the only worth is the enjoyment I get from doing it. When it stops being fun then you'll stop seeing videos.


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