Wednesday, September 1, 2021

LST 325

  While on vacation last week, one of the touristy things I did was tour the decommissioned USS LST325. This is a flat bottom ship designed for hauling heavy equipment and troops then docking and unloading right on shore. The nose of the vessel opens up allowing the cargo from the lower deck to be directly unloaded to land.

 In the above pic I'm standing on the deck looking to the rear. Ya I know, aft.

 Standing in the same spot I'm now looking forward.

  In the above pic I'm standing in about the same spot but in the lower cargo hold. You can see the "elevator" for trucks and tanks in the ceiling.

 Pretty simple control room or whatever you call this area they steer from.

 Although I'm not into ships or ocean travel I did find the tour interesting and I'd do it again just to ask some new questions I've come up with. If you'd like some history of this ship you can find it here.


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