Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Sportster Maintenance

 The last time I posted here I reported that the frame was cracked on the sportster. The pics weren't that great but today I can show you a better view of what I meant.

 For the non gear heads reading this I'll point out a few facts that the more mechanically inclined viewers are thinking.
 *Those small holes in the top of the frame that each crack runs through didn't help the situation.
 *The bottom pic is the side that was welded while on vacation last year. That weld held.
 *The way I mounted this heavy sissy bar almost made this break inevitable.
 I knew that when I mounted it but I didn't want the frame to break forward of the shock mount. I could weld this and maybe beef it up some, them remount the sissy bar but I don't think I will. I'm ready for a change even though I'm not yet sure what that change should be.

 Removing the tail lights and plate lights was easy. I kinda planned for this situation and everything was wired with plugs and posilocs so it could come apart in the field. Never mind that rats nest of wires, its all good.

Before removing the bar.

 This is after removing the bar and the rear half of the fender. When I bobbed the rear fender I didn't just cut off the rear section to the length I wanted, oh no. I cut the fender and tucked all the excess under the front section of fender, leaving just a few inches stick out. Now all I have to do is remove that rear section and I still have enough fender left to keep the underside clean.

 This is where I am right now. There's a hundred different ways I could go from here and I have some big decisions to make. When I put this sporty together the plan was for some long distance riding and the ability to haul stuff. I have the Ultra for that now so...anything goes. I'll wire in some tail lights and ride it like this for a while till I decide.


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