Sunday, July 3, 2016

Stress Relief

 Wednesdays plan was to sneak out of work early and meet my wife in Oshkosh. The problem came when I was stuck in the showroom with a customer. I say stuck but I followed through helping the customer with my usual cheery attitude.  Anxiety was setting in because I knew I would be late for my appointment. I hate that. Finally I was able to wrap things up and head out. Throwing a leg over the sporty felt good. I pulled the choke, thumbed the starter and made tracks. Immediately I started feeling better. No sense of urgency like before. Oh sure I was still running late but I know how to make time on a bike and still relax. The weather was very cooperative and everything felt right. It's amazing how a good bike ride can erase a day of bullshit.

 Traffic is gonna suck out there this weekend. Be alert. Our plan is to ride toward the Mississippi river and get lost. We're packing a bag just in case we get really lost.


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