Wednesday, November 30, 2016

34 Degrees

 This was taken a few weeks ago on the ride to work. Whether global warming is fact or fantasy, the fact is that at some point the weather here in Wisconsin will go to crap and I'll have to store the bikes for a while. They haven't salted the roads yet so I'm still hopeful I'll get to ride to work a few more times.

  A lot of people strike up conversations proclaiming how lucky I am to be riding the bike this late in the year and what wonderful weather we are enjoying, unlike years past. Well I decided to scroll back a year in my blog posts and found I rode to work December 13th although the two years prior to last year don't look like they were as warm. When I say warm, I mean above freezing. If you can't tell what I'm pointing at in the pic, the dash reads 34 degrees.
 Those rides aren't as relaxing as I'd like them to be, mostly because I am constantly reminded by others that there are a lot of deer in the streets. These warnings are verified by the blood stains and carcasses I see everyday. Now I'm not saying I let my guard down during times of year when deer traffic is lower, I just ramp up the awareness late in the season. I suspect if it happens again, that is if I smuck a deer, it will be a lot like the first time. No time to react. I say that because I see and avoid deer all the time.

 This pic was taken last night on the way home from work. I kinda like the red, white and blue of the pic. If I would have realized it was gonna turn out this way I would have taken a few more and tried to get creative with it. Anyway, my wife is away on a cruise so I was in no hurry to get home and decided to bum around on the bike for what will probably turn out to be the last ride of the year. No moon, full display of stars and a crisp bite in the air. Best of all, no deer. I rode around till I was freezing my ass off and then parked the bike in the garage. I'll put the battery tender on it tomorrow.



  1. That is a good picture. Too late here, we've had snow and salt already, so even though it's supposed to be +6 today (43F) the bikes will stay in the garage.

  2. We ended up with about 18" of the white crap the weekend before Thanksgiving the temps have been warm enough to melt it all. My poor old truck decided it didn't want to start on damp rainy days so yesterday the Harley got out into the road crap to go for tune up parts for the truck. The guy at Auto Zone says well I guess it's warm enough but out in the rain and fog ? I just said I didn't want to push the truck here to get this shit.

  3. That photo did come out pretty nice. The bike didn't leave the garage today as it was -29°F. Contrary to popular opinion, I'm not quite that dumb (at least not this year!)

  4. It sounds like we all have pms (parked motorcycle syndrome). I'm ready for spring.