Saturday, June 16, 2018


I'm writing this Saturday night and I can tell you that tomorrow morning I'll wake up in a strange place. I know that for fact because I'm in a motel north of Milwaukee but not sure what city or even what road.
We rode the bike down to Cedarburg to attend a fund raiser that involved a bunch of my wife's relatives. We missed the official ride but had a nice hour and a half ride of our own getting there. Once there I was surprised as my wife had made arrangements for some of our kids to be there.  We had a nice visit. At one point we walked out of the bar and discovered it was beginning to rain. A lot of riders decided to leave and so did we. The loose plan was to ride four miles down the road and stay at one of the many hotels except they were all booked. To make a long story short, we spent the next two hours in misery being turned away at all stops. One place that was recommended we couldn't even find. Later we got stuck in a back up. It was that kind where you can't completely let the clutch out without having to pull it back in again before tagging the car in front of you. Fun times.
When the rain appeared to be picking up I decided to get some fuel. My wife took the opportunity to use her smartphone to find a place and book a room. We ran inside and grabbed some snacks and beer then followed her phone back north away from milwaukee. Things started looking familiar and sure as shit we ended up making a huge loop that ended up at the place we couldn't find earlier.
At least the hotel is nice and clean.


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