Sunday, July 22, 2018

Dumb Stuff

 Sometimes dumb stuff just happens and other times its more a result of laziness or stupidity. You're wondering what I'm talking about so I'll give you a few picture examples.

 Using a fire extinguisher for a wheel chock is just dumb especially when you're jump starting another vehicle, an act that could actually require that fire extinguisher should something go wrong.

 This just pisses me off. A bag of grass seed was left in a wheel barrow and then left to be rained on. Oh well, they're just an employee and it won't cost them anything to be lazy. What happened to when people used common sense and actually gave a shit.

 I went to a big box electronic store yesterday and picked up some batteries for the key fobs of my Ultra. All I bought were those batteries. Can you see them? They are about the same size as the "U" in BUY. That's the bag the wonder nerd put them in. A: I didn't need a bag. B: Are you sure the bag is big enough?

 This is a property where we have four Husqvarna Automowers cutting the grass. We didn't get the weed control and fert contract because they were still locked in with a large national contractor for this year. We had really hot and dry weather and anybody with any common sense stayed off their turf but not these guys. Look at the damage they did. Is this laziness or stupidity or more a case of greed?

 This pic is of my garage rafters. Some stupid knucklehead (me) was walking around up there yesterday while trying to run some wires. That broken particle board is whats left of where I was standing when it gave out. Lucky for me my wifes BMW was there to break my fall and lessen the distance to the ground. Who knows, I may have broken a hip. The car and I both suffered scratches and the car has a dent to boot. That dent is inches from the sunroof. Oh well, dumb stuff happens.



  1. Probably not very funny when you had to explain the dent to your wife, but I laughed at "my wife's BMW was there to break my fall".

  2. I remember struggling to decide which to tell her first...the fall or the dent. She was relieved when she found out I was alright for the most part. That's when I showed her the dent. She took it well. She's a keeper.