Sunday, December 2, 2018

Brine Maker

 It snowed last night and I have to get rolling so this post is just a quick pictorial of building a cheap salt brine maker. I'll get into more detail about the process in a future post.

Two 275 gallon totes and a bunch of steel. All laying around the yard so even though they were bought at some point I'm counting their cost as zero.

Keep adding steel.

This reminded me of playing with an erector set when I was a kid.

A cheap pool pump was also hiding in a back shed.

The pvc and plumbing parts were purchased new.

All the plumbing is done.

The green hoses are overflow from that tank.
 There are a lot of examples of this brine maker online. Everyone tweaks this basic design. I did whip up one batch already and we'll talk about that next time.


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