Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Pack Rat

 Last time I posted I hinted that the trunk on the Ultra may be a mess. This is what it looked like last time I opened it and decided it needed help.

 At first it doesn't look terrible but then I pulled everything out.

 Thats a lot of stuff. There are a lot of things I want for a road trip but also a lot of stuff that isn't needed. I probably don't need that souvenir shot glass or two identical stubby screwdrivers.
 I do need eye glasses. I've got backup sunglasses, clear glasses for night, clear goggles for rain and yellow glasses for gloomy days. For whatever reason I also have five sets of reading glasses. I think I can cut that back to just one plus an emergency spare...just in case.

 The stuff in yellow are the glasses. The stuff in the bags circled in red is all related to the air ride suspension. I put it in there after the install "just in case" but never needed it. There is also an air filter/water separator in that pile that I never got around to installing. I'm glad I'm typing this out cuz I just remembered why the stubby screwdrivers are in there. One is needed for cleaning the "up" valve of my air ride. How two got in there is a mystery.

The stuff in purple is just some hand tools and the long phillips is needed to remove the seat.
 Theres a set of playing cards that get used once a year while on vacation. Also two remote alarm sensors that tell me when someone is dickin around with my bike. Two cuz I thought I lost one. Turns out I just misplaced it and found it again after the second one was ordered. Can't seem to find the charger though.
 OMG I found two more pair of glasses in the top travel case. One went straight in the shit can due to scratches on the lens. Lets see, what else. How 'bout a 1/2" drive ratchet with no sockets or a wire terminal crimper but no connectors to crimp.
 There are a few things in this mess I find quite necessary and have saved my keister more than once. I have a 12 volt air compressor, a hand pump and tire repair plugs. Also there are some fuses and a flashlight. And as usual, I have an extra set of gloves.

 Ahh thats better. I think I may have just shaved a half second off my quarter mile time! Not all of it went back in the trunk but most of it is on the bike. I moved a bunch of stuff to the left saddlebag which I consider a storage locker for inclement weather gear, cleaners/rags and now some spare parts. That bag hangs low and is kinda a pain to access anyway. The right saddle bag is used for daily needs and now the trunk can share some of that load.


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