Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Holy Crap Its Wednesday

 Thats what I said to myself this morning as I was going through my normal routine of starting my day. I knew something was supposed to happen today but it hadn't hit me yet. Garbage goes out on  Monday so its not that. Pot luck lunch at work isn't until Friday. Uniforms don't get turned in today. What am I missing? Crap, I forgot to write my blog last night! Believe it or not, the slack effort you see here of limited interest content actually takes me a bit of time and thought to produce. You know how some people can just have a microphone shoved in their face and start saying something that captures peoples interest. Thats not me. The microphone would have drool all over it and all you'd hear is "Ummmm". Maybe thats why I like doing this blog. It forces me to express myself instead of just hiding in this handsome shell. After five or six years writing this blog, the videos you are now seeing are just the next phase of that expression. If you've seen the videos then its obvious I struggle with those as well.
 I'm still working on the tool cabinet. I pick away at in one or two hours bites. Last I showed you the lighting and before that you saw that the cabinet was just a painted frame waiting to be skinned. What I've done since then has been to cut out 1/8th inch hardboard panels and paint them. Well, I've painted the inside of them in a white semi-gloss. I think the white combined with those led lights is gonna be pretty bright. Maybe too bright. The nice thing is that if its blinding bright then I can always just buy more tools to cover the walls. Don't want to blind myself, safety first and all that don'tcha know.

 Like most shops, every flat surface is covered with stuff. Some good stuff and some junk. I had to get creative when it came to laying the panels out for paint. Once again my pull out shelf worked great, this time to hold the paint can and roller.
 Tonight I'll hang the first of the panels. The funny thing is that I still am not sure how exactly I'm gonna do that. Oh sure I know they will be riveted on the outside of the frame but I've got some options. Do I try to hide the rivets under the edge trim? Do I forget that idea and put the edging on traditionally or flip it and have a minimal exposure of trim on the face? Do I even know which side of the trim is supposed to be the face? All good questions and I'll let you know how it turns out.


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