Sunday, December 22, 2019

Strange Visitor

 Today you'll see another tool cabinet video but this one is a little different. For one, I loosened up a bit but something weird happened while working at the shop. People have claimed the building is haunted and I've always figured there was an explanation for whatever they were hearing.

 During this work session I actually saw a ghost. Did I really or did I see something else and my mind just filled in the rest? What I think I saw was a man walking across the shop. He was dressed in all black and had no face. As I write this I'm hoping it wasn't the Grim Reaper and my fate is sealed. One thing I know for sure is that working alone in that shop when you know there is a ghost hangin around is quite distracting. That event happened about four hours previous to me writing this and I'm still jacked up about it. Anyway, check it out:


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