Wednesday, January 6, 2021

I Like To Tinker

  While working in the garage last weekend I found myself needing to make a 90 degree bend in a piece of 2" wide 1/4" thick metal stock. You can't just put this in the vise and expect to pull and hammer on it and end up with a clean tight bend. What you will end up with is a warped wonky ass piece of unusable scrap...or at least thats what I've heard. Normally at work I would use the press or a torch and get the steel red hot then make the bend with ease. I don't have a press or torch at home so how would I accomplish the important task of bending this steel? I could just cut it and weld the two pieces together but I had an idea and the only way to get those voices out of my head is to follow through with them.

 "Run what ya brung". I've been using a cut off wheel in an angle grinder to do all my steel cutting chores at home. I used that grinder to cut a groove in the steel where I wanted the bend.

 I've been contributing to the SnapOn truck vendors retirement plan and one of my latest purchases was a rotary grinder. I've had an air tool version of this forever but this battery powered right angle die grinder is a game changer. I like using it at work so much that I brought it home for the weekend just to find an excuse to use it. You'd think after talking it up so much that I'd have a pic for you but no.

 I quickly ground out a semi-circle area of metal along the slot I cut. This is just to provide clearance when the metal is bent.

Big ass adjustable wrench. Not sure whos initials are welded in the handle but I know they ain't mine.

 With the relief cut I was now able to easily make a clean 90 degree bend. I then just flipped the piece over and welded along the inside seam.

So there ya go. I like to tinker.



  1. I stopped contributing to the Snap-On guy’s retirement plan years ago. Do their power tools have a lifetime warranty? A couple of years ago, I spotted a truck at a shop and stopped by. I had a ratchet and a couple of screwdrivers. The ratchet received new internals and new shanks for the screwdrivers. Not bad for tools purchased in the early 70s!

    1. No lifetime on the battery tools. Not even sure what it is but I had one break, told the vendor and he gave me a new one.