Sunday, January 17, 2021

Yukon Bed Slide Part 3

  If you've been following the bed slide project then you may remember I promised to spice things up a bit for this video. Well if "spice" means me acting like a dork then thats exactly what you'll get. 

 Heres the deal. I downloaded a copy of Shotcut video editor and started playing around with it. The first thing I noticed was all the features I was missing out on by using the stock editor that came with windows. The second thing I noticed is that video editors require a lot from your computer. Theres nothing wrong with my laptop. It happily churns along on the internet, stores pics and edits video in the most basic way but when challenged to edit complex video it lags. When I say lag I mean an hour and 15 minutes to process this 16 minute video. Previews during editing are choppy and freeze and audio is wonky too. This all goes away after processing but getting there is a pain.

 I don't want to buy a new puter but I'm willing to upgrade this one. Maxing out the ram seemed like a good place to start but as it turns out I ordered the wrong memory. This laptop uses an odd memory module and in the end I decided to upgrade my other laptop which is what I should have done from the beginning. Not sure when that order will arrive.

 I want to step up my game as far as the videos are concerned. The content and subject matter will always suck, theres no getting around that, but I want the editing to be better. You'll have to be patient with me while I learn how to incorporate all these new features into my videos.



  1. Making videos is the easy part, editing is a pain in the behind.

    1. Ya its amazing how time is actually spent making 10 minute video.