Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Icy Bud

 An ice cold Bud. That must be what I was thinking of at work yesterday when I emailed a customer. Let me back up a bit. The other day we looked at a property for an Automower install. The customer is very interested and said he wants to move forward but needed the quote firmed up and put in writing. No problem, I handed him my clipboard and he wrote down his email addy. My bad for not looking at it when he handed it back to me. 

 The next day I wrote up the quote and opened my email account to send it. The address was joe schmoe or whoever @  icbud? Icy Bud? Is this a gag? Was he not really interested and just gave me a bogus email to throw me off? I tried sending the quote to his Icy Bud account but it got returned. Eventually I called and left a message that I was getting his addy wrong and could he please call back to straighten me out. When he called I was with another customer so a coworker took down the new address. When she handed me the piece of paper with the correct address on it I just started laughing. It was joe schmoe or whoever @ If you just bump that L a little to the right till it hits the O then it sure looks like a b.



The guy is a doctor and you know what they say about doctors handwriting but I should have known a doctors email wasn't Icy Bud.

 In other Automower news, yesterday we did our first install of the year. The family named the unit "Jarvis" and bought a dog house for him to charge in. The dog house was a bit of a challenge but only because of the limited space to work in. While there is no grass long enough to cut yet, Jarvis did move successfully around the yard and obey all the commands the owner sent him. We don't usually have to make a return visit to fix anything and I don't see why this install should be any different. I'm looking forward to the two more installs we have scheduled and hope this year isn't a bust for Automower sales like last year was. 


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