Sunday, October 31, 2021

Husky 435 Oil Leak Fix

  "This piece of junk chainsaw you sold me leaked oil all over my new Igloo cooler. I haven't even cut any wood with it and its already making a mess. In my 40 years of cutting I've never seen such a piece of junk". 

 Its possible for a new saw to leak oil and a little oil leakage could be considered normal. Whats not normal is for a person thats been cutting for 40 years not to know a saw might leak on a new cooler. We gave him his money back and it turns oil the only oil that dripped was from oil slinging off the chain and sticking to the clutch cover only later to lose to gravity and end up on his new cooler.

 This video addresses how I repair the most common leak on the Husqvarna 435, 445 and 450 saws.

Check it out:


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