Sunday, January 23, 2022

Husky 390XP Top End

  This video is a Husqvarna 390xp piston and cylinder replacement. Step by step instructions with hardly any key details left out. 

 If it seems like I do a lot of any certain type of repair video its only because thats what I am being tasked with. When I show up for work in the morning I hang my GoPro over the bench and hit the record button whenever I think I'll get more than just a few minutes of repair footage. A little behind the scenes here: I currently have 31 folders in my "to be edited" file and probably two weeks of clips not even sorted into folders yet. I like to keep a week ahead on finished videos meaning I need two in that folder but I've been as much as 12 completed videos deep before.

 Its a lot of work but I enjoy it. I want to get back to making some more traditional videos but the creative juices aren't flowing. I gotta laugh because I would shoot those videos ten times if needed just to get it right and not have to edit. These days its all about the editing.

Check it out: 


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