Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Happy Camper

 A while back I was tooling along on a bike ride when I passed a camper for sale. I rode a few miles and something made me turn around to take a closer look at it.

 Its an older rig but looks like its been well taken care of. None of that really matters because I'm not buying this camper. My problem is that I'm drawn to the idea of having one of these. Why? I don't know.
 When I was a kid we always had a "fort". A sort of club house. Every so often we would come across some new building material and tear down the old fort and build something new. This camper could be a mobile fort. With plumbing!  Lately I've found myself studying floor plans and following Craigslist just to see whats out there.
 I could see pulling a small trailer with a bike, sled or boat on it. Maybe a fishing trip up north or a ride west to see the Grand Canyon. Actually there's probably a lot to see right here in Wisconsin. We just need to get out on the road and see it.
 On one hand it seems you could save a lot of money on lodging and food by traveling this way. On the other hand you could buy a lot of  motel rooms and fancy restaurants for the purchase price of even an old motor home. I'm thinking the more you use it the more it pays off. I just don't know if I'd ever use it enough to justify the cost.
 For now I'll just keep my eyes open. If the right deal comes along then maybe I'll pick one up. Until then I'll keep dreaming about my fort on wheels.

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