Sunday, September 28, 2014

Harvest Fest Bike Show

 Today is the Harvest Festival Car show in Green Lake, Wi. I understand the show drew around 800 cars last year. Not too shabby. This year there will be their first ever Motorcycle show. Proceeds from the entry fees will help support a local animal shelter and the Town Square.
 I'm taking a bike to the show. Not sure which one yet.

 It really doesn't matter. Neither one of them is a show bike. I ride one or the other to work most days. Right now I'm leaning towards the Rat Turd (on the right).  The main reason is because the sportster has died on my ride home from work twice this past week. On the twenty mile ride home the bike died within 100 feet of the spot it died days before. That's really odd considering I think the problem is just a bad key switch. Maybe there's just a high concentration of gremlins living in that area. I didn't really notice any evidence of gremlins while I was PUSHING the bike to a safe spot to work on it.
 I just got a text from Al. He was asking about registration time for the show. I think he's bringing his Buzz Lightyear bike. The weather should be perfect for a car and bike show.  All the rides will be glistening in the sunshine. Well unless your bike is painted with truck bedliner.

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