Wednesday, September 24, 2014

British Revival

 Last weekend I attended a bike show. At that show there was a small force of Brit bikes that got me excited.

  I have one of these bikes and I just need to get my ass in gear and fix it up. Mine is a '67 BSA with a long history of just sitting around.
 So, inspired from the bike show I decided to pull the old english iron out of the shed. It's in pretty rough shape. The chrome is covered in surface rust...and a little bit of pitting. The paint is beat up pretty bad. Anything rubber is cracked. The good news is that it's all there.

 I also found a cart full of parts. I'm pretty sure everything I removed from the bike over 16 years ago is on this cart. What I'm not seeing are the new parts I thought I already bought. More investigating is required.

  Even though this bike has spent much of its 47 year history just sitting in a shed, it has been a roller coaster ride from an emotional standpoint. Whats the point in having a bike sit unseen in a shed? Why not sell it and let someone else enjoy it? The money could fund other bike projects.
 I'm not sure I could ever sell it. Its been with me longer than any other physical object I have. It represents my initial interest in bikes along with my learning how to work on them. On the other hand, you say, it's just a bike. Ummm, I don't know. It seems more than that to me. I put the bike on the lift and started looking it over. My memory was sparked by some of the things I was looking at. One example was a small run in the paint on the frame. I remember painting that frame about 35 years ago and I remember accepting the run and not fixing it. My patience for painting has not improved.
 I know that every year I say "this is the year I get that old bike running again". Well this year is almost over but next year...

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