Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Slimey Crud Follow Up

 Sunday I went to the Slimey Crud Run with friends. My day started out with a twenty mile ride to meet Dan. The temps were in the low thirties when I left but my electric jacket made it a bearable ride. A windshield would have been nice and maybe I need to look into finding something detachable for the sportster.
 Despite the cold, the morning was really nice and sunny. The fall colors were not at their peak but the early trees that turned were quite bright. We had to make a few stops along the way to work on Dans bike. It seems the Warrior has some electrical gremlins but I think he got those worked out later in the day.
 A late start and a long wait to board the Merrimac Ferry meant we weren't going to Pine Bluff. Instead we went directly to Leland, the final destination of the "run". There was a good turn out despite the cold temps.

 That line of bikes runs way up the street. There is a big parking lot on the left full of bikes and a couple of large grass lots on the right also.
 Here are a few bikes I thought were interesting.

 The ride home was high speed, low drag balls to the wall motorcycle excitement. Well that's my story and I'm stickin to it.

 And finally this one. I supplied some duct tape to help some old biker chick on her way. Can you spot where the tape was needed?


  1. I aint no rocket surgeon , but im going with crimped brake cable fix. Tommy

  2. Sorry but thanks for playing. The angle of the pic makes it difficult to see and the pic was taken before the repair.

  3. dont know why i am playing this nazi game show. Bad angle, before repair. What is the purple item right side of fuel tank and does it need some duct work. ? Tommy

  4. If you look at the primary cover on the left side of the engine you will notice the inspection plug is missing.

  5. I see. Thanks for clarification. Duct tape , the wonder drug. Tommy