Sunday, October 26, 2014

Whats up?

 I previously reported a possible bad key switch on the sportster. Recently I decided to make a temporary fix on that so I could use the bike and test my theory. It also allowed me to see if my little workshop could handle two bikes.

 For a one day session I suppose there is just enough room. I think if I wanted a pair of long term projects I could rearrange things enough to make it happen. It would be tight.

 My temporary fix isn't very high tech. I replaced the stock switch with a 35 amp toggle. Done.

 I also gave the bike a much needed cleaning only to get rained on during the test ride.

 In other news, I've been sanding and grinding on the BSA frame. Progress is slow but a lot of time is being wasted on what I think I want the bike and paint to look like.

 I've got an old Yamaha fender that now has about a dozen layers of paint on it. Both of these are fails but I went shopping yesterday and have a few more color choices to play with today. Yes, this will be a spray can job but I think I can make it look decent. Remember, I'm a gearhead on a budget.
 Speaking of budgets, I purchased a new pair of retro looking Dunlop K70 tires for the old Beezer. I also picked up tubes and rim strips. The plan is to get a good handle on the rolling chassis and then concentrate on the engine.
 I wonder if this bike could be road worthy enough to consider taking it on vacation next year? That would be awesome. It would need to be in good enough mechanical shape to handle a three thousand mile week. I'm not gonna set that as a goal just yet but I'll keep it in the back of my mind while putting it together. The only goal I do have set for this bike is the Watson Street Bike Show next September. See you there.

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