Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Workshop Wednesday-Service School

 So yesterday at work I wasn't at work at all. Al, Greg and I traveled down to Milwaukee to Husqvarna service school. We attend these seminars annually to hone our skills and find out what new things we can expect to see from the largest outdoor power equipment manufacturer in the world.

  We tore apart some new chainsaws, discussed troubleshooting techniques and went over some service bulletins. Fun stuff.

 It looks like there may be some new George Jetson kinda things coming our way. Possibly bluetooth or wifi diagnostics from a smart phone. Husky already has chainsaws with "autotune". These saws have a micro processor controlled carb that can be hooked up to a laptop for diagnostics and firmware downloads. This technology will soon be found in string trimmers, blowers and other handhelds.
 It was kinda a drag falling behind a day in my work load at the shop but the seminar was worthwhile. I learned some things I can use every day, got a free lunch and won a hat for correctly answering a question. Ahhh, livin the dream.


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