Sunday, March 29, 2015

Rat Bling

 Sadly there is very little to report in the way of motorcycle repair. I've been so busy with other things that there just hasn't been time. Pretty soon I'm gonna just start freaking out and make time.
 Now just because I haven't physically worked on the bikes doesn't mean I haven't been thinking about them. I did pick up some pin striping for the Rat Turd. I like the barbed wire look so I got that. I see this look everywhere. Tats, stickers, lengths of barbed wire pin striping and even embroidered hats. The problem with that stuff is it's all wanna-be barbed wire. I didn't want to pretend so I bought the real thing. 75 pounds of it. Thats right. Go big or go home.

 A co-worker had some laying around at the family farm. I won't need all of it so if you want to detail your old ladys buick or keep the neighbors out of you veggy garden, come get some.


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