Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Workshop Wednesday-Random Pics

 Blah Blah, I got home from a long day of work yesterday just wanting to do some laundry, cook dinner and chill while net surfing. I pulled in the drive, hit the remote for the garage door and up goes the door as usual.

Turns out it only went up because I splurged for the battery backup model door opener. The power was out in the entire city.

 So there we sat in the dark doing our best amish impersonations. I'm not good at it. I don't mind camping on purpose. I hate being thrown into it. It's amazing how quiet this neighborhood is with the power out. My wife enjoyed the quiet.

 We did break the amish atmosphere when the phones started dinging and chiming with power outage updates through the grapevine. Rumor has it a squirrel is to blame for our inconvenience.

 So after an hour of torture, the power finally came back on. Ya I know, it was just an hour but every minute during the hour you wonder if it will come on in seconds or days. It's amazing how noisy this house is when the juice is flowing. I enjoy the background noise.


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