Sunday, March 22, 2015

All Tanked Up Again

 Last week I showed you the backbone for my new fuel tank. This week we'll look at the tanks themselves.

 This tube would have represented the entire finished volume of the new tank(s). Six inch diameter and thirty six inches long. That will give me just over a gallon more than my stock tank. You see here I'm making the first of two cuts in the tube. A later design change will only use two of these tubes.

 I cut out end caps for the tubes out of some scraps of steel. They will need some grinding to get them close enough to size to fit the tubes.

 This is the new tank(s) mocked up. The project has been sitting like this for about a week. I got side tracked. I also wanted to let this soak in a bit and toss around some ideas about how to proceed. One thing that I'm thinking about working into the design is a new place to mount the key switch. The reason for this is that a future project will probably be building a new front end for this bike. If I move the key off of the forks, my new front end will be just that much easier to build.

 Just for fun I've added this pic of my original design. I like the look of the three tanks but that small tank is just a little too close to the seat and doesn't allow me to slouch if I want to.

 I already had the tube cut so I thought about using it somewhere else. This would be doable but I can't stand the way it looks (as if the two tank design is appealing). As I write this and look at the pic, I'm thinking a smaller diameter tube on top might not look too bad.


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