Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Night Out

 The past weeks around here have been pretty quiet. My wife and I have been content to just relax at home and not really go out except to go to work or grocery shopping. Last Saturday was her work place annual employee appreciation party and we attended. Our daughter was home from college so we dragged her butt along.
 Woo Hoo, a night out! It wasn't so much about what we were doing but the fact that we were doing something. The food was good. For entertainment they had karaoke and some comedy act. That all sounded like squawking to me from the other side of the room. I was at the blackjack table.

  Ya that's me dealing. I don't work there but it turns out if you make snarky comments about the dealer he may "turn the tables" on you. I did alright and everybody won while I was dealing. Winnings could be cashed in for tickets that went into prize drawings. We won about the same amount as we did in the big powerball drawing...jack shit
 Of course my wife and daughter found the photo booth and dragged my ass into it.

This is my happy face. You don't want to see me when I'm grumpy.

 I guess we're pretty simple folk and don't care for a lot of drama. The highlight of the ride home was the full moon and I was alright with that.


  1. Clicked on the Jack Shit reference, pretty funny. Now nobody can say I don't know Jack...

  2. I remember hearing the Jack Shit story a long time ago and still thought it was funny when I found it again last week.