Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Rebel Yell

 There is no shortage of projects here in my little workshop. The latest is my sister-in-laws Honda Rebel. She has two of them and they are the 250cc version, one being the limited edition model. She crashed one when the rear brake locked up on her and they have been sitting in storage for a while. I picked up both bikes, hauled them home, and need to get one going for her by spring.

 I like to start these types of projects with a bath. After I'm squeaky clean I begin washing the bike.(rimshot) The point of washing the bike from front fender to tail lamp isn't so much to make it pretty although working on a clean bike is much more appealing than working on a dirty one. Cleaning it allows me to touch and look at every square centimeter of this Japanese vision of an American cruiser. If it's still dirty in one spot then I haven't looked there yet. When I notice an oil stain or a spot with abnormal wear then I make an entry in a notebook. These notes along with the owners original statements really help me cover all possible problems with the bike. Of course a test ride is a big part of that too but that's way down the road from where I am now.

 At first glance it seems to be shining up quite well. Unfortunately there is some pitted chrome on this scoot and Brooke will have to decide how in depth this project will become. For now the plan is to make it safe and reliable. If you're interested, the following is a parts list and a "to do" list of possible issues. If you're not interested in such things, now is a good time to tune out because no entertaining content follows. No one-liners, no attempts at humor, NOTHING.
FUEL SYSTEM-Fix rusty fuel tank-gonna try a product I never used before-Caswell epoxy fuel tank sealer, replace hardened fuel lines and filter, clean carb, check sticky throttle control, why is there a fuel stain on engine below carb?
BRAKES/SUSPENSION-adjust rear brake, rear brake pedal is slow to return-lube brake lever pedal and shoe cam shaft, inspect shoes/pads, replace front brake fluid, replace fork oil, check wheel bearings.
ENGINE-compression test, change oil, adjust valves, check cam chain adjuster, change spark plugs, check air filter, adjust clutch, fix any leaks.
THE REST-grease steering neck bearings, replace battery, the tires look "like new" and still have dimples but are eight years old, fix drooping turn signals, seat has some tears, check swingarm bearings, check chain and sprocket for wear, make sure everything electrical is working, test ride.

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